How to tell the story of a story without the words

A simple story can be told by using just a few simple words.

But how do we tell stories without words?

Here are 10 ways.


Use images to tell a story by taking the audience by surprise.

In the case of the gingerbread tale, the picture tells us that the ginger-bread man is a clever, but lazy, man.

The picture tells the story not just of his lack of skill, but also his failure to earn enough money to pay for a home.

The word gingerbread, and its related symbols, means ‘wooden’ in Sanskrit, so when a gingerbread is placed in the middle of a scene of the story, it is placed at a certain angle.

A gingerbread can be placed anywhere on the image, such as on a bridge, or in a wall, to give it a certain feel.

The same can be said of the word ‘greed’, as it can be used to describe a person who is greedy.

In other words, a greedy person wants to gain more, but cannot because of his inability to earn money.

When a story is told using images, the audience is presented with the story in its entirety, and is able to judge how well it is told without knowing the story.


Make the audience feel like they are in the story by showing the world the world’s favourite candy.

A good way to do this is to have a piece of candy in the room and to have the audience take a picture of it.

The audience is then presented with a picture that looks exactly like the candy, but without any details.

This way, the viewer is not only reminded of the candy’s flavour, but they are also shown that it is a tasty treat that is good for the heart.


Make a sense of time by using the clock.

A clock is a very simple piece of machinery.

It simply counts the seconds, minutes, and hours.

It is a clock that is used in the entertainment industry.

It takes the amount of time it takes to count the number of seconds to 30 seconds, to 60 seconds, and to 90 seconds, then adds up to 1 minute.

In order to tell stories using a clock, the story must have a meaning that can be expressed by a time value.

The story needs to be presented with its meaning, and therefore it must be expressed as a time.


Show the audience that the story is not just a story, but that it has meaning.

In this case, the clock’s time value means that it took 60 seconds to complete the picture.

This is the same as saying that the clock was not a clock but a machine that counted the seconds.

If a story uses a time that is not directly related to its meaning (like counting the seconds) then the audience will feel like the story has no meaning, as the time will be arbitrary.


Use a theme.

A theme can be a story about something, such a love, a relationship, a friendship, or something else.

A simple theme could be the story about a young girl who lives alone with her mum, or a story of people who can only speak English because they are illiterate.

A story that is too simple for a theme could easily be used in a story where the main character has no family or friends, or where the character is a thief.


Give the audience something to think about.

If the story does not contain any of the elements of the theme, then the story will not work.

For example, the world has no holidays, so the story needs something to make the audience think about, such that they will not forget the story and the story cannot be told.


Make use of the camera.

A camera is a piece that sits on the floor or a table and is used to take pictures of objects.

The camera’s purpose is to take the audience’s attention away from the story it is telling.

The film is placed on the camera’s focus ring, which then shows the camera with a small filmstrip, so that the audience can see the picture being taken.

The focus ring is a small rectangle, and a camera with the lens pointed at the camera, will be able to focus on the subject and record the image of the subject.


Make it easy to remember.

If you use a timer or a timer on a screen, make sure that the timer is set to 30 minutes and the timer has a countdown timer on it.

This will make the timer easy to keep track of and easy to use.


Keep it simple.

It should be easy to learn, easy to understand, and simple to read.

The key is to make a story as simple as possible.

It needs to have no plot or action, and no plot that will be confusing or take you out of the moment.

The more complex a story needs, the more difficult it will be to understand

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