How my ex-girlfriend ended up with hot wife story



He had left his wife and kids to go on a trip.

I told him I loved him, and asked if he would marry me.

The man responded, “Of course.”

I was so excited.

My husband and I went to the local DMV and were turned away.

The next day, my ex’s wife contacted the police.

They had been called to the home on several occasions by people who wanted to make a big deal about my ex, but no one seemed interested.

I called the police again.

The first officer was polite and tried to get my husband to tell me about the “lovely girl” in his driveway.

Then, a little after 7 p.m., I was arrested.

The officer told me that the officers who had been calling me wanted to know why I was going to the police when I had been doing the same thing for six years.

I had told them I had moved away from him in 2010.

The cop went on to tell my husband that the reason I was called to his driveway was because I had not reported to police about an incident that had happened years earlier in a parking lot.

The police were told that I had contacted them when they had already responded to an assault and battery call.

The officers told my husband I had violated his privacy.

They were told he had to pay for my arrest.

I was told he could keep my wife for the night.

The two cops who had called me were transferred to another precinct to work.

My ex, a retired police officer, was told to come back in two days to talk to the judge about the case.

He told me he would be back in court tomorrow.

I decided to give the police the benefit of the doubt.

The judge asked me if I had any proof of any domestic violence.

I answered yes, and I then said that I was not a threat to my husband.

I said I would try to make it clear to the other officers that I loved them and that I did not want any trouble.

But I knew that if I did nothing, I would end up with a restraining order.

I have a restraining agreement with my ex that says he can keep me overnight at my house if I do not want him.

I tried to explain to the officers that this was not what they were looking for.

One of the officers told me I was being rude.

He was so upset he could not stop yelling at me.

I did everything I could to explain that I love him.

The other officer said that the judge had heard me.

He said I had to tell him something before he could make a decision.

He asked me why I had gone to the cops in the first place.

I explained that I wanted to keep my ex because I felt I was safe in his home.

He looked at me in disbelief.

He then said, “He just wanted to get out of his car.

He wanted to do it the right way.”

That night, my husband came home and found me sleeping on the couch.

I started screaming.

I kept telling him I had no intention of doing anything.

He tried to calm me down.

He explained that the police would not arrest me unless I gave them proof of domestic violence and that he was sorry I had put myself in this situation.

But he did not know what I had done, so I told the judge I was sorry.

I asked him if I could tell him that I would never do anything like this again.

I pleaded with him to let me have sex with my husband again.

He did not listen.

So I got up and left the house, saying, “I will not be a burden on you.”

The next morning, I went home and called the cops.

The cops arrived, and the judge asked if I was sure.

I replied, “Yes, please.”

The judge told me to leave, but he then said he was going through the process of issuing a restraining and protective order.

He ordered me to go into the home to get a copy of the restraining order, and to keep the door locked from inside.

My heart was racing, I thought about going out and having sex with the man again.

But then I remembered I was pregnant with my first child.

I knew I would not be able to handle the pain if I went out alone.

So, I got out of bed and put my hands behind my back and waited.

When I saw my husband, I grabbed my purse and ran out of the house.

The following day, I walked back to the apartment.

My boyfriend called me and asked what had happened.

I confessed that I thought it was the wrong time.

He agreed, and we had sex.

We went to a party and had a few drinks, and then he went back inside. We

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