Why Are You So Into Hot Sex Stories? You’re So Into These!

In a new article on Buzzfeed, the magazine’s chief content officer, Chris Odom, argues that people are interested in sex because it gives them something to talk about.

“People want to talk,” he writes.

“Sex has become a kind of intimate bonding activity that can be both cathartic and emotionally draining.”

“Sex is an intimate bonding experience that can also be both a cathartics and emotionally taxing,” he continues.

“The human desire for connection, for belonging and for the sense of belonging and belongingness to one another is one of the reasons why people like sex, why people get into sex.”

In the article, Odom outlines the reasons that people engage in sex: “It gives you something to say, something to look at, something you can feel,” he says.

“It’s also an opportunity for self-expression.

And it’s also a time to relax.”

In a previous interview with BuzzFeed, Odeh acknowledged that sex can be lonely and stressful for some people.

“I have to admit, sometimes it can be isolating,” he said.

“If I had to describe how it feels to be alone in the world, it might be like you’re just living in a cave, but it’s very much a part of life.”

However, Odo said he believed that people were drawn to sex because they’re attracted to what they see as the “unconditional love” that can come from it.

“There’s a certain feeling of satisfaction that comes from having something that you’re passionate about and that’s the perfect expression of who you are,” he told BuzzFeed.

“That’s why we find it so appealing.”

“You’re not just looking at the face of someone who has sex, you’re also looking at a face that’s happy, that’s passionate, that has an emotional bond,” he added.

“You’re just in love with this person.

You’re a lover, you want to be with them.”

The article goes on to say that “there’s no other way to describe the pleasure of sex than to feel it’s so amazing and pleasurable, but you can’t get there by just saying ‘I’m having sex’.”

“It’s not just about how good it feels.

It’s about how much it brings you closer to your lover,” Odey continued.

“And when you’re in love, you love the person who you’re attracted towards more than you love what’s in front of you.

And you love that you have a partner who you can talk to, who you trust.

It really is love at its most profound.”

Sex, Odyed, said, is a human need.

“We’re all wired to want to have sex,” he explained.

“When it comes to sexual stimulation, it’s the brain that decides which one is more important.”

Sex is not only about the experience, Oden says, it is about the relationship as well.

“Having sex is not just a matter of the physical act,” he explains.

“In fact, it can actually be more of a bonding experience than just the physical.”

Odo adds that sex should be “part of the experience”.

“Sex has to be part of the way that you connect with someone,” he argues.

“To have sex with a partner is to be a person in a relationship.

It should be part and parcel of your relationship.””

It doesn’t have to be something that’s just about you and your partner having sex,” Oden added.

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