What’s next for the New York Times?

The New York City Times is going to be one of the most important papers in the world for a long time to come.

But in the wake of a recent scandal involving a reporter for the paper’s sister paper, the Wall Street Journal, the company has already lost a number of key staffers and investors.

The newspaper is also facing a massive lawsuit from its parent, The Walt Disney Co., which is demanding the paper pay back nearly $1 billion to former employees and shareholders.

The New York Post has also been under fire for some of its editorial decisions in the past few years.

The paper has lost several prominent news editors, including its former editor in chief, and its former managing editor has been fired.

The Post’s CEO, Marc Lasry, resigned this year.

The paper’s editorial board has been grappling with what it says are its editorial failings.

Earlier this month, The New Yorker reported that the paper was considering cutting the newsroom’s news coverage in favor of digital.

And just last month, the paper told a federal judge that its new leadership team needed to find a way to make its digital strategy work.

So, what’s next?

The Times is not the only media organization in a position to be looking at its own newsroom, according to former editor and current Bloomberg News columnist Margaret Sullivan.

Sullivan recently left the Times, saying it was a good fit for her after several years in the job.

Sullivan said that she will not be working for the newspaper anymore, but that she is “hopeful” the company will continue to pursue its newsroom goals.

“I think we will all be looking to the Times for advice, and I hope they will come to understand what we’ve learned from the past,” she said.

In her new role, Sullivan will help oversee the company’s newsroom and news products, which are the backbone of the newspaper’s business model.

She will also be responsible for managing the paper and its news operations, which includes managing the newspaper and its digital properties.

The New Yorker’s story on the Times and its management style is one of several in recent months that have highlighted the problems facing the Times’ newsroom.

Last year, the newspaper said it had to pay $13 million to former reporters at the paper who had worked on stories they had written.

The Times had previously been the subject of a class action lawsuit over unpaid overtime.

And last month it was reported that more than 2,000 employees who were employed in Times-owned properties across the country had been paid less than minimum wage, and that many were paid more than $15 an hour.

And in May, The Wall Street and New York offices of The Times and Bloomberg News were engulfed in a fire that killed one employee and injured three others.

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