Why ‘the ending of the story’ may be the best way to tell the story of our world

A recent story in The New York Times suggests that a world in which the end of the tale is not the end is better for storytelling, and perhaps even more importantly, it is better to tell that story in the form of a continuing story.

This new line of thinking has sparked an extraordinary debate about how best to tell our stories in our age of digital.

And now, we have a clear path to the future.

In the first half of the 20th century, the first world war was a watershed moment in world history.

In this decade, the endgame for the global war on terror is being laid out in the pages of this story.

There are parallels in this war, but they are less clear.

What we are looking at in this new story is the final battle in the history of humankind.

This story is not a history of the last century.

It is not an epic.

It’s a story of a single day, an ordinary day in which humanity, in its desperate need to save itself from itself, has become a global force.

The war has become so much more than a war, it has become the final story.

We are witnessing a new world order.

This is what happens in the book: The beginning is not very good.

It begins with a group of men and women fighting against a powerful enemy.

The enemy is an evil empire.

The men and the women are fighting on two fronts.

The people in the middle, however, are fighting against an evil force, a force of nature that is stronger than humanity itself.

The evil empire, in this world, is called The Force.

The Force is a power that is everywhere.

It exists everywhere in the universe.

Its existence is the basis for all of reality, and it can be conquered.

The enemy is known as The Devil.

The devil is a creature from the underworld who is also known as a being of darkness.

The forces of darkness are the evil empire and The Force, and the two forces are working together to destroy the world.

This book begins with the end.

There is a great deal of pain, but there is also a great sense of redemption, a sense of a world on the brink of a new dawn.

The great majority of the book is devoted to the end, a point where we get a look at what this world might look like in a few thousand years.

This end is the beginning of a whole new world.

A world that has never seen war, that has only experienced one kind of war, one kind for which no nation has ever surrendered.

And, of course, that is what we have to confront.

There is a sense that this is a world that is in a state of emergency, a world where we are fighting for our very existence.

There’s a sense in which we are on a war footing.

The world is at war, and we are in a war of survival.

We are all living on the edge of a cliff.

We have been at this moment of existential crisis for decades now, and all of us are fighting to survive.

In a few days, the world will be in a crisis of the very highest order, because it has come to a point in time where the entire fabric of reality is being challenged.

There will be a war that will not end with the war, or the end; there will be war in which both sides will lose.

The stakes will be very high.

This is the end that we all hope for.

The world that emerges from this story is a very different place from the one we are used to.

The future is different.

The past is different; the world is not as we have come to know it.

The people who live in this future are in their twenties, but that’s about it.

They are a very diverse group, but we get the feeling that they all have a shared set of values.

For instance, they all believe that everything is fair, that everything can be lived to its fullest.

In that sense, it’s a world of optimism.

This optimism is tempered by a sense, I suspect, that our world is going to end.

It feels a bit like we’re at a crossroads.

There was a moment in the late 20th Century when optimism seemed to be going up in smoke, and there is a feeling that something terrible is about to happen.

But there’s a lot of hope that it will all turn out well.

It is a story about the future, and this is where the story is about us.

It tells us that the future is here, and that the present is the past.

It also tells us about the people who are the future people, who will live in the future world.

And it tells us what will happen to us.

We will see a lot more of this.

It might not end well.

It may end much better than it did.

And that’s okay.

We can laugh about it

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