What a horrible day in the Westside!

Awwww, Westside is full of so many great stories!

Today is a very sad day for all of us Westside lovers!

First, I wanted to thank everyone who made the trip to the West Side, from the locals, to the touristy areas, to those who just showed up, to everyone who shared photos with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Now, I want to take a moment to talk about our very special place.

A lot of people in our community have taken this as a chance to celebrate our special community, and today is one of those days.

I want everyone to know how much we appreciate you for making the trip.

Today, I’ll be talking about the Wests side, but today I want you to know about the Dog story.

Dogs have a special place in our Westside.

There’s a huge number of dogs that have been adopted here from other cities, and they are all wonderful, loving, and loyal.

They love to explore, they love to run, and sometimes they can be aggressive.

The Wests dog community is very close to the dog park, and every day, people come here and spend time with the dogs.

As you can see, this is one story that is not going to be forgotten.

Today’s story is about one of our neighbors, who lost her pet dog to a man named David.

The dog was taken from her in a matter of hours.

She was brought to our neighborhood, and I wanted you to read about her.

Today is one we won’t forget.

Please share your stories, and keep us in touch.

Dog lovers and dog lovers everywhere, let us all keep these stories alive.

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