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What is a blue-story?

A blue story is an article that contains a sexual story that is meant to be erotic and arousing.

A blue-article will not be sexually explicit and may include explicit material but is intended to be enjoyable.

It will usually be from a female or female-bodied person, and will be written in a non-sexual way, such as through an erotic story, poetry or prose.

It is generally written as a sexual and emotional experience.

In fact, a blue article is a visual story that shows what the protagonist is experiencing.

Blue stories are often more erotic than straight-story articles because the subject matter can be more provocative, and the sexual content is often more explicit.

If the subject of a blue stories is male, it may also be a sexual or emotional story.

A typical example of a sexual blue story might be a story from the book Sex, Lies, and Stories by Charlotte Dawson, in which a man tells his wife that he was “a man, a bad man, but a good man, and he loved her”.

The sexual content of a Blue Story might include: A sex scene in which the male characters, especially the protagonist, are shown naked and the woman is in a bathrobe, or is lying naked in a bed.

The male characters may also have sex with other men.

A lesbian scene where a man is seen having sex with a woman who is naked, and then kissing her in a different position.

The woman, while being kissed, can be heard screaming.

A sex act between two women, either in front of a camera or behind a camera.

The man is either naked or naked in front.

A male character is seen sexually assaulting another man.

A female character is being sexually assaulted by a male character.

A woman is being raped by a man.

An object used for sexual gratification or pleasure is also a Blue-story.

The subject of Blue stories is usually the male character, and it is usually written with a sexual, sexualised tone.

The sexual elements in a Blue story may be seen as provocative and can be distressing for the reader.

In other words, a BlueStory may not be suitable for the majority of readers.

If a Bluestory does not meet the requirements for a Blue article, it will usually end up in a story that has been removed from Google News.

For more information about how to read and read a Blue source, read: How to read a Google News story.

What is an erotic Blue story?

An erotic BlueStory is a story in which sexual and erotic content is emphasised.

The sex, love, lovemaking, passion and lustful feelings that are in the story are expressed through the use of visual imagery and text, often with erotic language and drawings.

It may also include explicit language, such the use or expression of sexuality, including sexual or erotic language.

The BlueStory can be used as a nonsexual or erotic story.

An erotic story might include a love story, a sex story, or a sex scene that is sexually explicit but does not contain any explicit sexual content.

It might also include a romantic relationship story, which might be about a relationship between two people, or between two couples.

It can include a story about love and sex, and of course, a story of friendship and affection.

An example of an erotic blue story would be a romantic story that features a lesbian couple.

An attractive, beautiful woman, the story is written in an erotic way, and shows the heroine’s attractiveness, strength and beauty.

An illustration of the heroine kissing a man, is used to create the illusion of intimacy and the heroine is in bed with the man.

The text of the story may also contain graphic and suggestive images, such that readers can feel aroused and feel a sense of being touched or touched in a sexual way.

The erotic content in a blueStory is often expressed in sexual and sexualised terms.

In a Blue, the erotic elements are often expressed through drawings, text, and images, while other elements such as the sex, the love, the passion and the lustful feeling that are conveyed are usually expressed through sexual and non-sexually explicit language.

This can be done for a variety of reasons.

The story may involve the use, use, and/or display of graphic images and visual material, such sexualised images or sexual imagery, or non-visual images or nonsexual images, which may be used to emphasise the sexual or nonsexually-explicit elements of the erotic story and the erotic themes and themes.

A story written in erotic terms might also involve explicit or nonexplicit sexual language, as a means of showing the sexual intensity of the sexual story and of the non-explicatory sexual content and the nonsexual sexual imagery.

An important point about erotic Blue stories, is that the author is not usually the protagonist in the BlueStory. This is

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