Lesbians, Sex Stories, Short Bedtime Stories in Desi Sex Stories

In an effort to make it easier for gay men to share their own stories with each other, I’ve gathered a list of stories from Lesbians and Straight Men in Desia, who share their lives with gay men.

While there are a lot of different stories to choose from, I think this list will help you get a better sense of how to tell a story in a gay context.


It was a night in a pub.

One night, a few years ago, a couple came to my room and had sex.

The first time, it was just a small act, but over the years, the couple has become more and more involved in my life.

I was happy for them, but they never stopped talking about the things they were doing.

I could feel their excitement for each other.

They were very open with each others sexualities, but the most important thing was to know they loved each other and wanted to be together.

They even kissed during the act.

They said they were enjoying it, but I wasn’t sure.

After the act, I realized that I liked them and wanted more, so I wanted to share.

When I came to see them the next day, they were crying and apologizing for the past night.

They never wanted to go back.

When the next couple came in, the two of them hugged me and we said, “You know what?

You’re the first person to ever come over here and kiss me!”

It was very touching and very genuine.

I remember the next time I was with them, it felt so good.

They didn’t even want to talk about it, and I was sure they would not forgive me for what I had done.


I used to go to a lesbian bar with my girlfriend and her friend.

One time, I was at a lesbian lounge and a woman came over and started talking to me.

I started laughing and giggling, and then she started kissing me.

The next thing I knew, she started touching my crotch.

The woman was very drunk and very drunk at the time.

It felt so wrong.

I didn’t realize that the girl was gay, and yet I was so happy that she wanted to do this to me and to me so badly.

It wasn’t until I met the woman again the next night that I realized I had been having sex with her for so long.

She said that she was a lesbian, and she wanted a long-term relationship.

The other lesbian in the room said that they were in the same situation.

They weren’t talking to each other anymore.


I had a lesbian friend who used to have an affair.

She told me once that she had an affair with my ex-girlfriend.

She claimed to be having sex every day and it was all consensual.

She would lie to me all the time and tell me that it was only for fun.

She was very attractive, but she was also a virgin.

I thought it was a very strange thing for a woman to lie to a man.

But, in fact, I knew that the person she was lying to was my ex.

My ex-friend started talking about how he had an amazing girlfriend, and that he had sex with any woman he wanted, and if she said no, he would get her pregnant.

He always said that he liked the idea of having an affair and then taking the baby and putting it up for adoption.

I asked her about this and she told me that she didn’t care.

She wanted me to go ahead and have sex with him.

I said, I can’t do that.

My girlfriend said that if I wanted a baby, I would have to get one.

She just wanted to keep my relationship with her.


My first girlfriend got pregnant after I stopped dating her.

I think it was after the first time she had sex in public.

We had a lot more fun together, but then she had to go off to college and the relationship ended.

I tried to get her back, but it never happened.


My mom had an extramarital affair and cheated on me.

It lasted for years and eventually ended in divorce.

It had nothing to do with my affair with her, but my mom had affairs all over the place and I had to work so hard to keep her in line.

She cheated on my dad, too, and eventually he left me.

After that, I didn of course tell anyone about her extramarin affair.


My mother cheated on her daughter with a straight man and then killed herself.

It took me two years to get my story out to my family.

I don’t think I’ll ever forgive my mother for this.

My parents and I just had to deal with it and move on from it, even though it was my fault.


My daughter’s mother cheated and then hanged herself in

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