The most gay sex stories in our news section

Gay sex stories were everywhere in the news on Friday as gay-themed entertainment news hit the internet and TV shows took on gay themes.

News outlets around the world reported on the sex lives of actors and entertainers.

And there were plenty of stories about sex and relationships.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest gay sex events of the year.

January 26: NBC airs “Happy Valentine’s Day” at 7 p.m.


The show follows the lives of two gay friends who fall in love, but the real love comes with the arrival of a new partner.

This week, the show is available on Netflix, Hulu and HBO.

It’s the show that’s been dubbed the “best gay sex movie ever” by The New York Times.

December 23: The Simpsons premieres its first episode in a new era at 10 p.e.m., featuring “The Simpsons,” “Treehouse of Horror XXVI” and “The Cat in the Hat.”

The episode features a group of characters trying to figure out why a cat is behaving this way.

This episode is the first to be broadcast on a cable network.

The episode, directed by Rob Delaney and starring Joel McHale and Homer Simpson, premiered on February 25.

December 18: The CW airs “Eyes Wide Shut” at 10:30 p.n.

It tells the story of a scientist’s attempts to study the effects of a drug that alters memory and perception.

The plot centers on the life of psychiatrist Robert Lister, who is trying to get his patient, Eve, to talk about the experience of being sexually abused.

The new episode of the show, starring Ellen DeGeneres and Sam Elliott, will air in December.

November 25: The Weinstein Co. airs “Cars” at 8 p.a.

The movie follows a group in the Los Angeles area as they race through traffic in a high-speed car chase.

This month, the movie has a theatrical release in theaters and online.

November 11: The Discovery Channel airs “The Story of Your Life” at 9 p.p.m..

It tells a story about a man whose wife leaves him for another woman.

This is the story about how the two women fall in to love and start a family.

The film is based on a true story by a woman named Joanna.

The Discovery channel also aired the original “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” which is currently airing on Netflix.

October 28: ABC airs “Dancing With the Stars” at 11 p.c.

It follows a trio of dancers who compete in the annual “Dance with the Stars.”

The cast is led by the legendary Cher, who will appear in her first performance as a cast member.

The series premiered in 2010 and is currently on air.

October 21: NBC’s “Modern Family” premieres at 8:30 a.m ET.

It chronicles the life and times of the main characters, including the families of each family member.

This year, the series is based off the best-selling book by Adam Sandler, which chronicles his life.

The original series ran from 2003 to 2009.

September 18: “Game of Thrones” returns at 9:30p.n., the second episode of a seven-episode season that starts with the sixth episode “Stormborn.”

The series stars Kit Harington as Daenerys Targaryen, Sophie Turner as Cersei Lannister, Lena Headey as Khal Drogo, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Joffrey Baratheon, Sophie O’Toole as Yara Greyjoy and John Bradley as Brienne of Tarth.

September 11: ABC’s “The Muppets” premiets at 9p.o.

The Muppet Show has been a hit since it premiered on NBC in 1990, and the series continues to attract a loyal audience of fans.

The first episode is called “Muppets: The Movie.”

The show is directed by Brian Murphy, who also co-created the hit TV show “Muppet Babies.”

August 30: ABCs “How I Met Your Mother” premiels at 10 a.p., featuring the final episode of series two, “The One With The Wedding.”

The episodes follows an actress named Nancy as she tries to juggle her career as a singer and her love life.

It also stars Lucy Hale as Gretchen and Patrick Warburton as Patrick.

August 25: ABC premieres “Scandal” at 12 p.t., with the final season of series six, “Secrets and Lies.”

The first season follows an actor’s attempt to take on the world of a wealthy, powerful politician.

The second season follows a woman trying to find her voice in the world.

August 18: ABC starts airing the season finale of the “Modern Masters” series at 11:30a.m on Wednesday, the season

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