How to watch a Christmas Story without being an adult

The BBC’s Christmas special will be the first to feature an adult narrator and the first time the show has made use of a scriptwriter to write the story.

The story is a Christmas classic, written and directed by David Tennant.

“It’s a wonderful thing that a child could come along and write it and that we’re able to bring it to life,” says the BBC’s programme director, Chris Wood, who wrote the script.

“What’s wonderful about this story is that it’s about Christmas and its not a fairy tale or a horror story.

It’s a story about Christmas that doesn’t have the usual formula and we hope that it gives the viewers a little bit of hope.”

“Christmas has come and gone” BBC One has been working on the story for years, with a Christmas special set for 2023.

The BBC is hoping to make it available to viewers for free.

But it is likely to cost the corporation tens of millions of pounds to produce and to promote.

It is a huge undertaking, and a significant investment in the BBC.

But the programme will be watched by millions, says Wood.

“This is not a Christmas story that’s going to go viral.

This is not going to be a movie where it’s going around the world,” he says.

“We’re very keen to show people that the Christmas story is actually about Christmas, and that’s the message that we want to convey.”

In a press release, the BBC said the series would be available to watch on BBC iPlayer and other services including Netflix.

“A special Christmas episode of BBC One’s Christmas Special will be released this year on BBC One on Christmas Day,” the news release read.

“The story is based on a book by David and Charlotte Tennant which they hope will be enjoyed by as many people as possible.”

“A Christmas story about a Christmas family” BBC iMovie has already produced a Christmas episode and will begin airing it on Christmas Eve.

But there are also plans for a second Christmas special, this time featuring a female narrator.

“As we continue to grow our subscriber base, we want the stories to be seen and enjoyed by a wider audience,” said the BBC News website.

“One of the things that makes BBC One so successful is that they’re always bringing out a special episode to show the world.”

Christmas on the BBC is the first in a series of series including The Christmas Stories, the Christmas Specials and the Christmas Christmas Special: Stories of Christmas.

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