Which Instagram Stories Size Up Your Biggest Bust?

What are the most popular Instagram stories?

Here’s what we know: It’s no secret that Instagram Stories are a bit of a beast for most women.

But the question remains, what do you look for when you’re trying to choose a best Instagram story?

We decided to go back to the archives to see what the top 5 most popular stories looked like when they were first uploaded to Instagram.

There were quite a few different types of Instagram Stories that we tried, including: A single picture of a sexy babe or a cute animal with cute captioning.

A post of a cute picture of an attractive guy, with the caption “love” or “lover”.

An Instagram Story with a very special, special tag.

One that included a caption that made a girl or girl’s body seem very sexy, even though it was really not.

It was a lot like a celebrity photo, where you’d see a photo of a hot girl, and the caption, “Oh wow!

You look so pretty in this!” and the tag was, “Love You, Love Me.”

But what about those that were posted with a caption?

For example, if a girl posted a photo that looked like a beautiful young woman with her hair down and her eyes closed, we’d definitely notice that her picture was super sexy.

However, if you saw a caption for a picture of her boyfriend or a girlfriend, we thought that this could be a bit off-putting.

So we made a rule: Instagram Stories with captions that said something like, “Hey, you look so beautiful in this!

I’m sure you will look amazing!” or “Oh, wow!


You are so gorgeous!” were our favorites.

And the captions weren’t limited to only the photos posted on Instagram.

You could also tag a picture with a “Like” button, so that you could “Like the picture,” and see how many likes the picture received.

You can see how these pictures changed the Instagram Stories landscape.

We’ll tell you what we found when we go back next week to find out what Instagram Stories look like for women today.

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