Which gay men are you in love with?

The following story is based on an interview with David Ehrlichman, a gay man who has a lot of gay friends, and who is also a writer and editor for ESPN’s Outside the Lines podcast.

Ehrleman, who has written about gay men and women since he was 17, has written extensively about the lives of gay men, and the stories he has found to be inspiring.

The following is an edited and condensed version of the conversation that Ehrlichman had with Outside the Line.

When I was 17 I was at the height of my career.

I had written for magazines, but I didn’t have any money.

I was starting a magazine called Gay, Straight, and Straight Magazine, and I was the only gay person who was in the editorial staff, so I had to do it.

That magazine, which had been in existence for seven years, had become my home for the next two decades.

And I got to work with some of the most powerful people in the gay world.

When the first issue came out, I was a teenager, and it was a really big deal.

It was the first gay issue that was published.

And there was a lot more to come.

As I became more and more famous and successful, I realized that the only way that I could get to the top was by having relationships with other people.

That was the goal, and there were a lot other things I could do, but my goals and aspirations were different.

At the same time, the fact that I was still in my teens, and had never dated a man, was a huge turning point for me.

It gave me an idea of who I wanted to be.

When you get to that age, you realize that you have to start somewhere, and you have no choice but to pursue your own goals.

I realized I needed to pursue my own goals, and that was the moment I was ready to start dating.

I remember the first time I actually met my husband.

We were in the bedroom, and he was watching TV.

And he’s looking at me, and then he says, “You know, there’s something else that I really want to talk to you about.”

And I remember looking at him, and looking at my mouth.

And my mouth was like, “What’s that?”

And he said, “I have to ask you a question.”

And we started talking, and we ended up talking for hours.

We ended up dating for two years.

It’s been very, very rewarding.

We have had a lot going on.

The marriage has been very strong, and so have our children.

We’ve gotten married and we have three children, so we’ve made a lot.

We haven’t had any children yet.

But the kids have had their own successes.

We don’t have to worry about them being a burden, and they’re not.

We do have to be responsible.

I don’t know if I’m doing this for money, or if I want to be happy and not have to make sacrifices, but it’s not about money.

It has helped us to realize that it’s possible to have a fulfilling and satisfying life.

The first thing I learned was that you can do whatever you want.

The second thing I discovered was that no matter what your goals are, you can accomplish anything if you work hard enough.

And that’s how we’ve gotten through it, and in our lives.

I know that if I hadn’t been in that relationship, and if I had had that relationship in a different kind of way, I would not be where I am today.

I would be in a much worse place.

But that was a big turning point in my life.

As you get older, you know that your priorities are changing.

You realize that things you’re doing aren’t always going to make you happy, and maybe you should do something different.

You’re not always going, “Oh, I’ll just put this in my car and go,” and you’re not going to do that.

But if you really, really want something, and really work hard, you might find it.

The third thing I realized is that you really have to think about your priorities.

When it comes to your career, if you’re making enough money, you’re going to want to do more of that.

You might not want to have that much money, and people will be judging you.

But there are so many people out there who have their own dreams, and don’t want to put in that kind of effort, and aren’t going to put any effort into it.

You have to remember that the people that are going to support you in your dreams are the people who will be supportive of you as well.

And the fourth thing that I realized, when I was younger, is that I had no idea how to express myself in my work.

And so I didn, like, get up in front of a camera

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