How to Get the Raw Story on the New Yorker’s New Yorker

By the time the cover of the April issue of The New Yorker is up, I’m sure many of you have been waiting for it to drop.

And that’s exactly what it will be. 

But here’s the thing: It won’t drop.

Because, like most things, The New York Times doesn’t take itself seriously.

In a very real sense, the New York Daily News is not actually The New American. 

Its publisher, John Grisham, is a real estate magnate who has built a company that, according to The Wall Street Journal, produces the magazine.

And Grishams business empire is based on selling real estate to people who will pay him. 

As The New Republic reported, in 2010, Grishamp’s company sold more than 1.5 million acres of land in Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia to people willing to pay the premium for real estate.

He also owns stakes in several other large real estate companies in the United States. 

The New Yorker will be a very different publication. 

It will be run by real estate investors who have been known to take real estate and turn it into profitable businesses. 

Like most business people, I love to hear stories.

But I also like to see them, not read about them.

And in the case of The Atlantic’s new book, The Atlantic, that’s the story that is most important.

The Atlantic is a news magazine that is not only about America, but about the world.

And for The Atlantic to succeed, it needs to be able to take the raw stories of the world and turn them into something readers can relate to. 

So in order to do that, it will need to have real estate in its DNA.

In the case with The Atlantics first book, the magazine will focus on the people and places that matter most to the people who read it, which will include stories about how real estate is changing.

The New Yorkers will take those stories and transform them into a kind of “real estate news” that, if we’re lucky, will be shared with the world in a way that will make the reader care about real estate more than they ever did before.

But first, The Daily News needs to catch up. 

That’s because, as The Atlantic explained, the newspaper is about to be transformed into a company with an actual CEO named David Brooks.

And because the Atlantic’s editor-in-chief, Maggie Haberman, is Jewish, TheAtlantic will have to be a kindlier, gentler place. 

At The Atlantic , it will have a “more open” policy on issues like race and diversity. 

And because The Atlantic will be more open, it’ll be more honest. 

We want to make sure that we’re not going to tell stories about racism and bigotry, and we will not do so if they’re going to make The Atlantic less appealing to people of color or others with diverse interests. 

I hope that these new editorial standards are not only good for TheAtlantic, but good for all of us.

Because I believe they will.

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