How to keep Facebook ads from tracking your every move

The Facebook ads feature is not only a feature that helps advertisers target audiences, but also a great way to build awareness of a brand.

 Facebook is currently adding new features to the advertising tool that make it more accessible to users, but they’re not all user friendly.

A new feature called “Ad Targeting” lets users set their own personal ads to be displayed to people they have chosen to like on Facebook.

Ad Targetting allows users to set a “target” or “closest match” for their Facebook ads.

For example, if a user likes a post on Facebook that contains the word “pizza”, Facebook will automatically show a video of that post.

If the user clicks the “Like” button to the video, the ad will also appear to the person’s Facebook friends and family.

This feature is great for targeting users that are already friends, but it doesn’t give users a lot of control.

“Ad targeting” does not include “closing” a connection with users that have already clicked on the ad.

Facebook’s Ad Targeting feature is a great example of how a new feature can help a brand stand out from competitors.

What is Ad Targetting?

Ad targeting is a feature built into Facebook’s Ad tools.

Users can set a target for their ads based on a set of criteria, such as who they like the most or how many times the ad appears on Facebook per day.

Once a user has set a Target, ads will appear to people that have clicked on them.

The Ad targeting feature is used to give brands a better chance of reaching their users, because users tend to click on more ads.

Ad targeting can also help advertisers target their audiences in ways that may not otherwise be possible, such the user choosing to share the ad with friends and relatives.

If you’d like to learn more about Facebook’s ad targeting feature, read this post from Facebook.

Read more about how Facebook Ads work and how advertisers can set up their own ads.

Advertisers can set the Facebook ads to appear to users with multiple Facebook friends.

This will help advertisers get more information about the target users and target them to specific topics.

Advertisers that want to target their ads to users that share content with other users can also set this feature.

Some of the features Facebook has added to the Ad Target feature include:

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