Why are gay Mormon men being persecuted?

A gay Mormon man in Utah is fighting for his rights and the rights of gay Mormons around the country.

The man is one of many who have come forward with stories of abuse and harassment they say have gone unaddressed.

A new documentary film, ‘A Love Story,’ is being released this week about the plight of the gay Mormon community in Utah.

The film, which is being made by Utah-based director and activist David Schlesinger, follows the lives of two gay Mormons in Utah and chronicles their struggles with discrimination, fear and isolation.

The two men, who are both Mormon, tell their stories in the documentary.

The story of the film centers on their lives in Utah, where they’ve been forced to hide their identities and live with discrimination.

It focuses on the plight in Utah of gay Mormon males.

David Schlesingers film ‘A New Beginning,’ which was filmed at the Utah LGBT Center, features interviews with two gay Mormon brothers.

He says that the story of their struggle with discrimination and fear is just one of the stories that have been told about Utah.

Schlesinger says he is not interested in making a movie about the persecution of gay men, but that he wanted to tell the story.

Schlesings film is the story behind the Utah Pride Parade and other events held across the state.

Schmesings documentary tells the story, “I came out to my family as gay, but I was ostracized for years, and when my father died I was forced to come out as gay to my parents.

Then I was sent to an orphanage.

It’s not that I was abused, but there were no resources to help me.

It was really tough.

It took years of therapy and I had to take my own life.”

The film’s director, David Schleinger, said in an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune that he was initially attracted to gay men in his youth, but became attracted to women in later years.

Schleings first love was with a young man named Joe.

But he says he found his wife, who is also a lesbian, was not interested.

The documentary also features the story and photographs of several gay Mormon women who are also working to change the culture.

Schlyings said he hopes that gay Mormon families can get together and be a force for change.

Schleings film tells the stories of a gay Mormon boy who is bullied by his teachers and is forced to live in fear of his classmates.

He tells the tale of how he came out and how his parents supported him, but are now fearful that they won’t be able to afford a therapist.

Schlyings documentary also focuses on one of Utah’s oldest lesbian bars, the Gay and Lesbian Club.

It also includes a photo of the two gay men who were at the club on one occasion.

Schlies director said the film focuses on LGBT issues in the gay community because it was a difficult time for the LGBT community.

He said that the issue of same-sex marriage has been one of most prominent issues in Utah politics, but LGBT rights have been neglected and not well represented in the media.

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