How to sleep in bed every night with a bedtime story

When you sleep soundly, it can help your body relax, feel more energized, and get your mood in check, according to a new study.

Read moreThe researchers from the University of Toronto, McGill University, the University at Buffalo, and the University College London found that people who sleep sounder reported a more balanced sleep and a more positive mood.

The study was published online in the journal Sleep.

“The key finding was that sleep quality is linked to happiness and overall well-being,” said Dr. Peter Lai, an assistant professor of psychiatry at McGill University.

Lai led the research with the help of researchers from McGill University’s Department of Psychiatry and Health Psychology, the Centre for Human Sleep Health and Health Canada.

The researchers analyzed data from a nationwide survey conducted between 2006 and 2011.

They looked at people’s sleep patterns over a four-month period, and compared those with different bedtime times and bedtime habits.

In the first phase of the study, the researchers randomly assigned participants to one of two groups.

They then asked participants to complete an online questionnaire on the importance of sleep quality to their overall well being.

Participants also completed a short, two-minute bedtime video.

“In this part of the research, we found that those who had a high bedtime quality were more likely to report a positive mood, while those who reported a low bedtime score were less likely to have a positive sleep,” Lai said.

The findings were not entirely surprising, given that the majority of people have a high and low bedtimes.

However, the difference between the two groups was particularly pronounced in the sleep quality aspect.

“It’s not just about sleep quality.

There was also an important correlation between the number of times participants reported being tired and the overall level of happiness they reported,” Lau said.”

Sleep quality is important in a variety of domains, including mental health, and it is possible that sleep has a role in mood and well-ness,” Laki added.

In a second phase of their study, Lai and his team asked more detailed questions about sleep habits, and whether people reported falling asleep less than expected, or having more trouble falling asleep than expected.

In the final study, participants reported on their overall sleep quality, and how well they were sleeping at night.

The results showed that people with a low quality bedtime reported falling sleep more often, and had more trouble getting into and out of bed than people with higher quality bedtimes and a high quality bedtimings.

The researchers did not find an association between having a low or high bedtiming score and overall happiness.

Overall, people who slept in bed had a higher percentage of the time that they experienced a short sleep episode, a tendency that can be helpful in helping to manage the symptoms of sleep disorders.

The study is the first to explore the link between sleep quality and sleep disorders, Laki said.

More research is needed to determine if there are other biological factors that may be involved.

While the findings do not prove that sleep is harmful to people, Lau suggested that the findings suggest that the best way to sleep sound is to use a good mattress, and that a bedside light may be an important factor.

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