Gay couple finds out they’re ‘gay’ when they’re found out in a lesbian story generator

This is the story of a couple who found out that they’re lesbian when they were discovered to be married.

The story is from a podcast hosted by a man and a woman called the Meyers and the Goldbergs.

It was published in June 2015.

The podcast tells the story the couple was found to be together when they took the test in a local newspaper.

The couple was married in the state of Alabama and they’re both currently working at the same restaurant, the Meysers said.

But the podcast is not a lesbian podcast.

The Meyers have not disclosed what the tests revealed about their sexual orientation, but the podcast tells their story in terms of what it was like to find out they were lesbians.

“I was really shocked,” Michelle Meyers told ABC News.

“I was not expecting to be found out.

It’s really upsetting to hear, but it is not something we’re going to try and hide or make up.”

Meyers and her husband were married in Alabama in 2015.

She said she has been married to her partner since 2009.

The relationship has never been public and the couple have not shared their marriage vows publicly.

But they did share a kiss and hug when they found out they weren’t related.

“We just didn’t want to hide the fact that we were in a same-sex marriage,” Michelle said.

Michelle and her partner were told that they were not related by their doctor.

When they were asked by a reporter to explain what the test results meant, Michelle said, “They didn’t ask about our sexual orientation.”

She said she was shocked when the couple told her they were lesbian.

“The whole time we were on the phone and we were crying, we were just like, ‘You’re gay,'” she said.

“It’s just really hurtful.

You can’t hide who you are.”

The Meyser family did not tell their story publicly until the podcast was published.

They had been married for 12 years and Michelle and her wife are the parents of three children.

Michelle Meyers said she and her family felt a lot of pressure to share their story.

“We just wanted people to know that we’re together and that we love each other and that this is not about who we are,” she said, adding that they are now in a committed relationship.

“It was really difficult to hear about it,” she added.

“But now that we know it was true, we just have to move forward.”

The podcast was not an easy topic to share with the public, the couple said.

“To me, the only reason we did it was because it’s not something you can hide from,” Michelle explained.

“You can’t pretend that it’s a secret.”

But they were able to tell their stories publicly.

The family has not disclosed their names because they are afraid of repercussions.

“When you tell your story, it’s very different than being in a closet,” Michelle added.

The episode was published on June 12, 2015.

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