No one likes being told you’re not special, except yourself

A new study finds that everyone’s favourite little secret is that they’re not.

We’re all not special in some way, and that’s a real thing.

It’s not just a fact.

It is our truth.

That’s why we all have a right to be proud of who we are.

That was the conclusion of a new study, published in the journal Psychological Science, that surveyed 5,000 people in Australia and found that the idea of being different was deeply ingrained in all of us.

What’s more, the research also found that this sense of being special was associated with a higher level of self-esteem.

The study found that, among respondents aged 18 to 50, those who said they had a special feeling about their own abilities, talents, and abilities were significantly more likely to be happy.

People who felt they were special were also more likely than those who did not to express self-pity and self-hatred.

The findings are one of the most comprehensive studies on the topic to date.

The researchers surveyed 563 people, and found a significant difference between the two groups on self-worth.

People with a sense of specialness were more likely in general to be optimistic, to feel a sense that they are a valuable part of the community, to be satisfied with their own situation, and to say they have no regrets.

But the researchers also found a strong link between self-doubt and self, and between self and society.

People were more negative about themselves than about society, and their sense of self was linked to higher levels of depression.

“The fact that this is a social construct is very telling.

It suggests that people do have this belief that their specialness is something that’s inherently valuable and that they can’t possibly be as good as everyone else, so this is just a myth,” lead researcher Rachel Bicknell said.

“It suggests that there’s something about ourselves that we don’t like being told that we are special, that we’re different, that makes us feel ashamed.”

The findings also found higher levels a higher rate of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder in those who believed their sense and specialness was more valuable than everyone else’s.

In other words, we’re all just different.

It doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t special, and we’re not even special.

We are.

And no one can say we don-not.

The good news for those who feel special is that you don’t have to feel bad about it.

In fact, the researchers found that when people talked about their feelings of specialess, their feelings were positive.

“When we talked about feeling special, our sense of belonging to the group was higher,” Bickney said.

When people said that they were proud of their own specialness, the same research team found that those feeling proud were more optimistic and more satisfied with themselves.

So while feeling special isn’t a bad thing, there are things that can be done to improve your self-confidence.

You could work out your specialness in the gym or with a partner, and make sure that you’re always willing to take on the challenge.

And if you’re struggling to feel confident in yourself, you can find a supportive group of friends or colleagues.

That way, you don-t feel like you have to change your whole person.

But you also don’t need to let others down, because they’ll be there for you.

The only way to feel great is to be yourself, and the only way you’re going to feel better is to let your inner self shine.

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