Why does a new Bible story have a different meaning?

What if a new bible story had a different message from what was originally in the original book?

We’re asking readers to find out by looking at what the Bible tells us about Jesus’ life and ministry, the Bible’s own context, and how it has been translated and interpreted in the past.

We’re also asking readers who are interested in the Bible to help us with the task of writing the story of Jesus’ death.

In this week’s Bible story, we’re examining the story from Luke, the Gospel of John, and the story that comes after, Mark, that tells how Jesus is resurrected.

The Gospel of Mark was written during the reign of Jesus.

He’s a writer from the period of Jesus’, a period of the early second century.

Luke tells us that after he died, he became a disciple of Jesus and was sent to Jerusalem to find a disciple.

There, he was asked to preach.

In Mark, Jesus speaks about the discipleship of Jesus, but he does so with a slightly different message.

Here’s what he says:When the time came for him to be sent out, he went to the town of Bethsaida, where he was baptized.

There he received a baptism of fire and water and a spirit of the Holy Spirit.

He was then led to Jesus, and there he was raised from the dead.

Then he was sent on his way, with the Holy Ghost, to the region of Judea.

He came to a hill called Golgotha.

There his disciples gathered around him and were filled with the spirit of prophecy and of healing.

The disciples were led to a man named John, who was crucified.

John said to them, “Look!

I tell you the truth: You will never enter into this kingdom unless you repent and believe in Jesus Christ.”

The disciples replied, “What?”

He said, “There is no other way but the one you have heard of.

John, you have been given the testimony of Jesus Christ.

There is no longer room for doubt about that.”

The following day, Jesus went to Galilee.

He asked for a man called Simon Peter, a very old man from Judea named James, who had been killed in a Jewish conspiracy.

When Jesus came to him, he said,Simon Peter, if you were a Jew and I had known that you were Jesus, I would have crucified you for your heresy.

I have heard you say, I am the Messiah. “

I never knew you, Jesus.

I have heard you say, I am the Messiah.

If I knew you to be me, I should have crucied you.”

Jesus said to him in a voice like thunder, “Go and tell those who are about to come to you.

Jesus himself will come with you.”

Simon was astonished.

He said to Jesus and said,I never heard anyone speak like this to you!

Jesus said, Simon, you are a false prophet.

Simon answered him, Lord Jesus, you said the truth, and you did not condemn anyone.

Then Jesus took him to his home, and Jesus said: Simon, this is John the Baptist, who has come to preach the gospel of the kingdom.

You are my disciple, and I will raise you up in my kingdom.

Simon answered him with a voice of anger and said to the Lord, You made me the son of God, and made me to be a liar, and therefore I will betray you.

The Lord said to Simon, I will give you the testimony that you are not the son for you.

He then said to his disciples,Simon, the testimony is true, but you have no proof.

Jesus said.

But I tell the truth to you, Simon: the one who believes in me is not condemned.

Simon said to John, Lord God, I know that you did well, but how can I know the truth?

God said to me, Simon.

Simon said to God, Lord , I am going to betray you, and God said, Do not be afraid.

Then they went away and came to the place where they were crucified, where Jesus was.

Simon was astonished to see Jesus, saying to God in a loud voice, I never knew him.

He also said, Jesus, what are you doing here?

You have not seen me.

Jesus answered, I was not sent by anyone.

Simon asked, Who was the one to whom you have betrayed me?

Jesus said not me, but by one who is near to me.

And I saw in that very instant.

Then Jesus said unto Simon, Take the cross.

Simon took the cross and went home, not understanding what was to follow.

He sat down in his own house, thinking.

Then one of his disciples told him about the crucifixion.

Simon went up to the house and found John lying on his bed.

Simon told John, The Lord Jesus said this to me when I was young. I was an

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