‘Teenage Tractor Boy’ and ‘Teenaged Tractor Girl’ Costume Revealed in Tamil Sex Stories

Posted March 09, 2018 06:31:12Tamil sex story costumes are now coming to the mainstream.

The first set of costumes to be made available for purchase are Teenage Tractors, a story-telling toy designed by Jai Thakur and inspired by the stories of the Tamil people, in which male and female characters travel through the forests of India.

The designs for these costumes are by Tamil artist and designer Jaipreet Singh. 

Singh told Wired.com that he wanted to create a “toy of the Tamils,” one that would be unique for every culture.

“In the first season, we decided that the toy should have the most complex and intricate design.

We were lucky enough to have the best team of artists and designers,” Singh said.

“We were also very lucky that we were able to collaborate with the local artists, and the design and creation of this costume took place in the forest of Madurai.”

The first costume, which has already been made available to the public, is the Teenage Terrain, a two-piece kit that has been made out of a combination of wood and fabric, and comes in a black and white palette. 

It is designed to fit the male and male-like characters of the story.

The design features a red-colored wheel, a white and a black line, with a blue, green and yellow border.

The next set of Tamil sex toys is the Tractorboy, which features a female version of the Teenages Tractor, and is made out a combination between wood and a plastic fabric, with the female’s face and breasts facing the male’s.

The male is given a white helmet, while the female has a red helmet, and has pink shoes.

The toys have a variety of designs, from the Tractorboy and the Turtlerboy to the Tamil Tractor and the Tamili Tractor.

The Tracterboy comes with an original wooden toy and a red plastic model, while Turtlers is a two piece kit with a red toy and two white plastic models.

Both sets of toys are available to order at Tamil store outlets. 

The new Tamili Sex Story Costume has already launched on Amazon.com and on Ebay, and Amazon has also announced that it will be releasing the Teenaged Tractures and the Teenagers Tracts as downloadable content later this year.

“The Tamil people are unique in that they have a rich history, and we wanted to explore that through a series of stories that capture their story, from their birth to their deaths,” Singh told Wired .

“They’re not just stories about sex, but stories about love and friendship, and about survival.”

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