How to tell an interracial Christmas story

“It was like the big sister thing, right?

The girl in the black skirt,” said the girl, who is known only as Jessica, who grew up in a predominantly white suburb of Chicago and was a regular on the black-run dance club.

“You don’t want her to be able to be there and feel like you’re not getting a part of the celebration.”

That’s the case in Jessica’s story, as she shared with TIME a few hours after it aired on ABC.

The episode, called “A Little Christmas Carol,” is a celebration of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The Christmas spirit is strong in the family as they celebrate with family, friends and colleagues in a festive setting.

The story of how the family came together, however, is fraught with racial tensions.

The black mom, who was only 13 at the time, had recently moved to a white suburb in the Midwest.

The daughter, now 19, was born in a segregated, largely white suburb.

As a teenager, she grew up surrounded by people who had different ideas about what a black woman should look like.

The stories of her and Jessica’s experiences were so powerful that they made national headlines and prompted a public outcry from President Barack Obama.

After the episode aired, Jessica posted a Facebook video that read: “You think this is a big deal?

It’s not.

I mean, this is really, really, what Christmas means.

And that’s what I’m saying.”

The episode also led to a string of high-profile interracial weddings.

Jessica, Jessica’s mother, has since moved back to her native North Carolina, and her sister, now a 19-year-old in Illinois, married a white man, a marriage that has since been annulled.

It’s unclear how much time Jessica’s sister has spent in the United States since moving back to Chicago.

Her father and sister, meanwhile, have moved away.

Jessica’s aunt, who has lived in a Chicago suburb for more than 40 years, has also lived in New York City for most of that time, where she has had to learn how to navigate the American culture and traditions she was raised in.

“When I was growing up, there was no racial tension,” she said.

“There was no fear.

There was no shame.

There were no issues like that.”

The family’s story of Christmas was also an inspiration for a group of students who wrote a book called “Black Christmas” to educate white Americans about the significance of Christmas.

In it, they share their own stories of being racially insensitive.

The book was a response to the growing social pressure to have a white Christmas, and a number of students were inspired by their stories of racism.

The students, who all speak in a low-pitched, English accent, were inspired to write a book that is meant to be shared among people who were still struggling with the trauma of their family’s interracial marriage.

“We wanted to give a voice to all of the people who are not getting to experience Christmas,” said Alex Cordero, the founder of the book, which was produced by the school’s African American Studies Department and its students.

“It’s about what you are experiencing, and we wanted to make it available to all the people.”

Corderos said that he hopes his book, along with others like it, will help people understand the racial complexities of Christmas as well as help them move past the holidays themselves.

“If you’re a person who has felt discriminated against in your life, you’re more likely to feel empowered to come out and celebrate,” Corders said.

But there’s a lot more work to do, he added.

“The message of ‘I’m black’ isn’t always a safe one.

We’ve got to be aware of how we treat other people.

We have to know what we’re saying, and how we’re being said, and not just when we’re doing something positive.”

TIME reached out to Jessica’s and Jessicas mother for comment but didn’t receive a response by press time.

The girls’ story of the Christmas celebration was aired on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the episode was featured in numerous news outlets including USA Today and CBS.

In a video posted on YouTube, the girls share their experiences.

Jessica says that her mom, while telling her story, was “really kind of funny and sweet” and told her that “all people are special and that they can change things.”

When the episode ended, Jessica said, she felt “very happy and relieved,” because “it was really hard not to feel sad.”

“I felt like I had a lot to live for,” Jessica said.

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