How to make a sexy ghost story from your favorite anime title

There’s a good chance you’ve seen one of the best anime titles on the planet: Ghost in the Shell.

This series, based on the popular cyberpunk manga series, has won an incredible number of awards and spawned numerous sequels, spin-offs, and spin-off films.

However, it’s the second best-selling title in the franchise’s history, selling nearly a million copies in 2017 alone.

And that’s not including the anime’s huge fanbase, which is now estimated at 1.4 billion worldwide.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Engadgets took a look at what the best-known anime titles from the franchise have in common, and what they’re worth seeing for yourself.

Read on to find out how to make the best ghost story out of any of them.

The series’ greatest hits, in order of their most popular titles: The sequel Ghost in S.A.C.E. (2017) The story begins in a futuristic city.

The police are now on alert, and you’re on your way to an abandoned skyscraper.

The story ends in the same place.

Ghost in E.V.N.A.: Ghost in V.

N (2018) A new protagonist appears.

A ghostly voice calls out for her.

A new, supernatural city.

Ghost: The New Generation (2018-2019) You are a child who has grown up in the shadow of a new threat.

A mysterious new world beckons.

Ghosts are the new monsters, and your task is to find them and defeat them before they wreak havoc.

Ghost of a Dead Man (2018), the third season of Ghost in a New Land (2018).

You are part of a team of survivors who must hunt down and defeat a series of mysterious figures.

The first season of The New Ghost (2018): You are the first human survivor to survive a mysterious and violent attack by a group of strange creatures known as the Necrons.

The second season of Ghosts (2018); you are one of a group that have been caught in a series from a long-lost civilization, where the only people left alive are the survivors and their loved ones.

The third season’s final installment, Ghosts of the Old (2019).

You have been called to find and destroy a mysterious new race of aliens that are invading the Earth.

The Ghost Chronicles (2018; 2017-2018) You have survived a long war, and now it is your job to save humanity from an alien invasion.

You must travel to the distant planet in search of survivors, help them escape from an evil alien race, and help them fight back against an alien threat.

The Ghosts of S.L.

E (2018, 2017) You must stop a massive threat from destroying the entire world.

You are tasked with stopping a massive alien invasion by tracking down the Necron threat and defeating its alien allies.

The New Ghosts of L.

E, a series focusing on the adventures of a young human boy and his friends in a modern world.

The original series is a modern-day classic that tells the story of the young human Jack who returns home to find his parents and brother killed in a car crash.

The main character, Tom (played by actor Michael Biehn), has been left orphaned and has never seen his parents or siblings since the accident.

Tom must reunite with his family to discover what happened and the truth behind his parents’ death.

The final installment of the series, The New New Ghosts, focuses on the story from the perspective of a mysterious group of children who have been abducted by the Necrontyr, a race of mysterious aliens.

This is the third installment of a three-part series from writer/director Robert Knepper, who is also responsible for the Ghost Chronicles films.

The Return of the Living Dead (2019) This is a zombie apocalypse.

The humans are at a massive disadvantage.

You have to find a way to bring the undead back to life.

A series of terrifying events take place in the wake of a mass zombie outbreak that has claimed thousands of lives in the US.

The zombie outbreak is taking the lives of all of the humans.

You can find the survivors in a world of zombies, zombies and zombies.

The Rise of the New Dead (2018 – 2019) This series focuses on a mysterious man named Michael who is the last surviving member of his family and is also the only survivor in the town of Llanos, a small farming community located in the far west of Wales.

He was brought to Llanas by the necromancer, a group called the Necroids.

They have set up an army of zombies to attack the town.

Michael must go on a journey to bring back his family, and fight the Necroboids and the other zombies in the area.

The Final Days of Llamas (2018: 2019) A young girl named Lucy is kidnapped by a Necroid that is leading an

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