Which state is hardest hit by the opioid crisis?

Posted February 11, 2018 03:53:08 New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are among the states that have the highest overdose deaths and overdoses per capita, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New York has the highest number of people overdosing on opioids in the country with a total of 8,846, according the CDC.

New Jersey has the second highest number, with 5,929.

Connecticut has the third highest number with 2,664.

The most overdose deaths were in New York, where there were 3,984 deaths.

In Connecticut, there were 2,077.

The most overdoses were in the West and Northeast.

In New York and New Jersey, the most deaths occurred in the South and West.

The New York Times found that the state has experienced the highest rate of overdoses, including heroin, fentanyl and prescription painkillers, since the drug was legalized in New Jersey in 2014.

The Times found the state had the highest death toll for heroin, at 2,914.

In the past year, New York has seen more than 10,000 heroin overdose deaths, compared to about 6,300 in the same period in 2017, according, the Times reported.

Connecticut has had an even higher death toll, with about 3,700 overdose deaths.

In the U.S., overdoses accounted for nearly 2,700,000 deaths, according a study by the New York-based group the Drug Policy Alliance.

The opioid crisis has caused many families to cut back on their vacations.

I’m just trying to keep busy for the holidays and try to get some sleep.

For many people, the thought of spending time with family and friends in the months before Christmas is too much, said Amy Bohn, executive director of the Rhode Island Office of the Drug Free Alliance.

But some say it is important to stay out of the spotlight.

It is a reminder that we’re living in a time where you have to make sacrifices for people, said Lisa Miller, a New Jersey resident.

I’m just so thankful for people who are doing what they have to do to help the state and people that are working to prevent overdoses.

The numbers are sobering, said New Jersey Sen. Michael Byrne, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee.

But, he said, the state should be thankful the federal government has stepped in.

The federal government is providing a tremendous amount of resources, he added.

I’m thankful to the people of New Jersey for the support, but it’s a national crisis that we have to deal with.

Many people are worried that the opioid epidemic will hurt their finances, said Matt Hagan, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

I think we need to think about the fact that the federal budget and the national economy are intertwined and they should be a part of our recovery.

The Drug Policy Coalition is a non-profit, nonpartisan public policy organization that works to protect people’s rights to manage their own lives and to control their own health.

The organization promotes responsible drug use and addiction prevention through public policy and advocacy, education, policy advocacy and public health.

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