Which is better: a big mansion or a big condo?

A big house in the heart of Toronto can be both a luxurious and a very expensive investment.

But in a condo, you don’t want a mansion, either.

But you may want to check out the bigger house for the best price.

The big house: $1.2 million.

The condo: $4.2.

In Toronto, a $1 million condo offers more than 1,000 square feet of living space.

It also includes a gym, a kitchen, and a rooftop terrace.

It’s an all-inclusive package that includes a $50,000 “family pool” and a large deck, making it a great choice for a new parent or someone who wants to experience the city for themselves.

The smaller house: Up to $4 million.

In the city of Toronto, there are a variety of houses that offer a large variety of living spaces, from condos to townhouses.

But the most popular ones are the two-story homes that come with two or three bedrooms.

And there are many of them, with a number of styles to choose from.

The bigger house: This one is a bit smaller than the bigger condo, but it still offers a great range of living options.

In fact, it’s so small that it can fit just a few people.

The three-bedroom, one-bath house comes with a large yard, a gym and an outdoor deck, so it’s a good option for someone looking to add more family to their home.

The two-bedroom house offers up to two bedrooms, a basement and a fireplace, while the three-story house comes in with four bedrooms.

All of these options are perfect for families who want to live closer together or want to add some extra space to their current living space to make room for a bigger house.

But if you want to be closer to the city, you can go with the smaller house.

The condos: They’re also the standard-bearer for condos in Toronto.

And while they’re not all that big, they are still worth considering for a small family or one looking to move into a larger house.

While they’re a bit pricier than the houses, they’re still worth checking out because they’re usually more spacious and have plenty of space for a backyard or a backyard deck.

The one-bedroom condo comes with an indoor pool, a full-size gym, and two bedrooms.

The four-bedroom condos come with four-plus bedrooms and two pools, and the five-bedroom comes with five-plus bathrooms and a full kitchen.

All three condos are perfect options for anyone who wants a bit more space for their family, but they’re also great for new families who are looking to create a more unique and personalized space for themselves in their new home.

In short, there is no right answer to whether to buy a condo or a house in Toronto, but there are some great options to consider.

Which is best?

The bigger condo: While the two stories are the standard for condos, there’s no shortage of bigger houses for sale in Toronto’s condo market.

And the best thing about condos is that you can usually get them for a reasonable price.

You just need to know when to look.

If you’re looking for a condo with a lot of bedrooms, this is the one for you.

You may not be able to afford the same number of bedrooms in your house as a two- or three-room home, but a condo will always have a few more bedrooms than a two.

If your budget allows, you could also opt for a two bedroom condo for the same price as a one bedroom condo, which is a little bit cheaper than a one-room condo.

If the price of a condo is just right, you may be able for it to come with a kitchen and a pool.

But just remember that the pool is a separate amenity, so you may not need it.

The larger house: The bigger houses are usually the standard in the condo market in Toronto — and for good reason.

While the smaller houses aren’t always as large as the bigger houses, most of them are smaller than a typical two- to three- bedroom home.

So you can always have the bigger home if you’re in the market for a larger condo.

The most popular size for a house is four bedrooms, which can usually be found in condos and townhouses, but you can also opt to go for five- or six-bedroom homes.

There are also lots of options for the larger houses.

Some of them come with larger garages, while others come with spacious bathrooms and decks.

The more spacious the house, the more space you will have to fit in your living space and the bigger the deck.

All in all, a big house that you like for a smaller price is probably your best bet for a longer-term condo, condo or townhouse investment.

The biggest house in town: This is one of the best ways to find a home in Toronto for the family. The

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